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Environmental Policy Commitment

We will deliver our skilled trades and other industrial services, along with those of our sub-trades and partners, to meet or exceed customer requirements, municipal codes and applicable laws, while operating in a manner that fulfills our responsibility to be a good corporate neighbor and foster respect and trust within the regions we do business. RIG's Management Team and our employees are committed to bringing you an effective environmental management system which is customized to best serve the diverse industries in which we work. In this regard, we shall:

  • Comply with all applicable legal requirements and other commitments and responsibilities relating to environmental and nature conservancy. We commit to the adherence of all policies, principles, visions and initiatives of our customers and their partners.
  • Commit to managing, with all due diligence, site sensitive aspects, setting higher targets and reviewing specific environmental objectives as part of our ongoing promise to prevent pollution, and to improve our already high standard of environmental management and performance.
  • Endeavour to educate and show by example, all persons working for or on our behalf, the environmental impacts of our industry and communicate regularly with stakeholders, the importance of these responsibilities and values.
  • Encourage and support natural resource conservation endeavors in our community and surrounding areas as part of our goal to reduce our footprint on our sensitive landscape.

Leo Henhoeffer
Resource Industrial Group Inc.